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How To Get Viagra Prescription in Grand Prairie Texas, Buy Viagra 100 mg in Phoenix Arizona


The interest that the world has raised to the Raspberry Pi could doesn’t remain without a solution by the Studio. The panorama of cases for this computer (size of a credit card) is really subject to the play of differences. In particular, the vast majority of cases seem to hide the details and the charm of a technology product  with a worldwide echo. The  developed project wants to bring the Raspberry in the foreground, and with this collection of cases (Desky Desky One and Two) becomes the protagonist of the desk. Visible but repaired, the computer becomes an integral part of a pencil holder, a simple and elegant chassis locked only by cables. That allow to remain in the designated location.
A new object, out of the box compared to all the cases for sale on market or self-produced. Desky opens a new way of thinking about accessories for Raspberry, this computer in 2012 has sold more than a million units, with peak sales of more than 4,000 units per day. Produce an accessory for Raspberry Pi means to collaborate on a project that aims to deploy a computer not only for fans but also users in the second and third world.

Official website:
Italian community:


Product Design


Francesco Rodighiero




Shahriar Shaghafi