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How To Get Viagra Prescription in Arlington Texas - Buy Viagra sildenafil citrate online in Santa Ana California

Leroy Merlin's Design Lab is the new design platform for "DIY" quality objects that you can make at home with parts available in all Leroy Merlin stores in Italy. It is a project born thanks to the collaboration with the Leroy Merlin Italia team, an appointment for all designers who want to experiment the road of self-produced and collaborative design.

The work with Slow/d and Leroy Merlin Italia was born from the company's desire to develop open quality innovation paths that could enhance their assets in new directions. From a profound reflection on the future and on the great potential that reside in becoming more skill-makers, a project was born to bring together the language of design and the culture of do-it-yourself.


Project Management & Design consultant


Francesco Rodighiero