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Since 1986

Founded in 1986 by Eng. Giovanni Rodighiero, the Studio is an emerging and innovative Italian design integrated laboratory. The thirty years experience and the professionalism of Giovanni Rodighiero, combined with the expertise and talent to the young architect Massimo Rodighiero and the designer Francesco Rodighiero, has allowed the firm to achieve, over time, important awards. In the last 30 years the firm applied to the integrated and sustainable hotel design, malls and multifunctional centers, residential complexes and single-family villas, and to well-being design industry, bathroom design with a Design for All approach.

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Architecture, Interiors, Design.

The workteam consists in architects, engineers, designers, technicians and a qualified network of consultants for designing, lighting and acoustics systems. By working together, from the very beginning of the project, we garantee: integrated and coordinated design, energy saving, sustainability, the respect for the necessity of various aspects of the population (Design for All) and the respect of budgets and timing. The Rodighiero associati Studio has always been focused on the implementation phases, not only through the direction of work and a constant timing and cost control (Project Management), but also focused on the use of appropriate technologies such as BIM and 3D prototyping, up to be a unique responsible during the all stages of the contract.

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