Product and collection design


Product Design

The design project comes looking at things, behaviors, today’s society with which it must interact. Each product is the result of a game of relationships that makes it coherent, functional, innovative and responsive to meet the demands of clients. Not only to solve aesthetic problems or technical, but the development of new products, new markets and new economies.

The Studio Rodighiero Associati is an ideal partner for companies, and workshops, for the planning and design of products or systems of industrial products. Following a number of awards (ADI Index, IF Product Design Award, Well-Tech, awards, etc.) and publications in the field of design, we are now able to offer a full professional service for the finalization of new product ideas.

Subsequently the initial brief that allows us to understand the values and requirements of the client (also materials and manufacturing processes required or available), we offer the following services and method:

  • Study of one or more sketchy  proposals of the product or collection of products
  • Evaluation of the project according to the process Design for All
  • More detailed study the selected  proposal
  • Models and virtual representation (rendering) of the project
  • Contextualization of the product or collection in virtual environments (rendering)
  • Study of the final version until you get to the executive
  • Delivery in digital format of all the drawings in the formats necessary for prototyping and manufacturing (DXF, DWG, PDF, 3DM, 3DS, IGES, STL, etc.).
  • Technical assistance for the development of the final product
  • Art Direction for photo shooting and communication plans of the product or collection

What is Industrial Design


Industrial design is the engineering design process in which they articulate all those aspects related to the functionality, ergonomics, choice of materials, usability, marketing and brand development that determine the quality aspects related to the use and possibilities of technology and production . Industrial design in fact underlies the learning of knowledge and techniques that allow you to design and develop a design methodology and creativity with innovative products meant for the people and responsive to the needs of the enterprises that realize the industrial production.

The designer’s work ranges from the planning stage of an object (concept) to the final production, passing through all the intermediate stages: design, development and engineering. Its professionalism is upstream of the time of actual production. The final proposal is confirmed by evaluation of various factors of production, which involve the collaboration of experts from different disciplinary areas contiguous: it alludes both to factors related to the use, enjoyment or social and individual consumption of the product, as well as those relating to its production.