Preliminary consultancy



  • Analysis of needs
  • Budget and Cost analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Businness and financial plans
  • Private and public funding request
  • Searching of Lands, Buildings and Location

Starting on the right foot is crucial for success of any initiative.
The consultations, initially based on listening desires, expectations and doubts, are the roots of a good design, whether it’s remodeling a bathroom or the construction of a shopping mall.
Coordinating a large team of professionals and corporate partners, the Studio Rodighiero Associati is able to assist the client in the early stages of the development of the idea, be it building type (build or renovate a house), commercial (open a store or a craft workshop), manufacturing (industrial or craft a new product) or furniture.
It’s at this moment of the consolidation of  the working group and establishment of mutual relationships based on respect and trust with the customer.

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