Design for All

Good design enables, bad design disables.

Paul Hogan
(President, EIDD – Design for All Europe)


Design for All?

Design for All is design for human diversity, social inclusion and equality. The practice of Design for All makes conscious use of human needs and aspirations and requires the involvement of end users at every stage of the design process.

All around Europe, the extent of human diversity in age, culture and ability is unprecedented. We survives to disease and injury and live with disability as never before.

This holistic and innovative approach constitutes a creative and ethical challenge for all planners, designers, entrepreneurs, administrators and political leaders.

Design for All deals primarily with the processes and methods’ three-legged approach: design eco-friendly, affordable and usable.

It could serve as mission to promote the social inclusion of people with disabilities through the project and to improve the quality of life.

Universal Design, the most developed in the United States, however, it tends to aim for the final product, using rules of easy application. It may have short-term benefits, but fails to create the awareness of social inclusion in decision-makers and planners. The suspicion is that with the methodologies proposed by Universal Design is not easy emphasize the respect for for human dignity, because not measurable with objective parameters. Otherwise, the Design for All introduces the concept of respect for human dignity.

Most common in the United Kingdom is the principle of Inclusive Design, which is very close to the concept of Design for All. It considers that all projects of the environment, of engineering and architecture, of products and processes, must meet as much as possible the diversity of human needs.

Design services and consultancy

Design for All – Product Design & Architecture



The Studio offers consulting services and design of architectural projects, products for small and big companies.

Services and projects are characterized by a dynamic design process that follows the Design for All process, and in this sense there is a particular sensibility and attention to the dignity of invididui giving a creative and non-discriminatory  contribution in accordance with the standards for safety and disability .

Not only removing architectural barriers, but we propose solutions primarily careful about spaces proxemics (new or existing) or services.

A design process that studies the gestures (even latent) and the behavior of individuals, carefully avoiding the various forms of ghettoisation codes.

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Design for All – Business Benefits



To grow in times of crisis a company must innovate: Design for All (DfA) is an innovation that gives the company an opportunity to be more competitive, to expand its market, to retain customers and improve its image by promoting social inclusion.

In addition, the Design for All process consider that we do not use objects only in optimal situations but also when we are nervous, or with tired muscles, or with wet hands.

A product that meets different requirements is more easy, convenient and pleasant to use for everyone.

A Design for All process project expands the market of small and medium company because:

  • allows to satisfy more client base by giving comfort and pleasantness of use also to groups of clients penalized or even excluded from standard products aimed to the user;
  • builds loyalty clients because it enhances their specificity;
  • does not propose solutions for disabled (ghettoisation), but for everyone, including people with disabilities;
  • gives a creative answer to norms for safety and disability.

Design for All – Opportunities



  • The industrial design is targeting a hypothetical standard user penalizing the 90% of the population European, by the Design for All process you will help reduce the percentage
  • A design centered on the final user obtains innovative solutions client-oriented
  • Raise the possibilities of use of a space or product means increasing the number of users or consumers
  • Design for All products are the winning opportunity to differentiate themselves from competitors and to show socially active and contemporary
  • The Design for All drastically limits the margin of risk of dissatisfaction of the final user
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