Hotel Dunant

Hotel Dunant

Landscape and sustainable innovation

Arch. Massimo Rodighiero
Ing. Giovanni Rodighiero
Ph. Matteo Girola

This important structure at the gates of the city has required architectural and structural solutions in harmony with the landscape. Among these, the coverage, which, like a cloak, is gently placed on the hotel, the convention center and the restaurant creating a sleek and streamlined that recalls the soft lines of the surrounding hills.

Through the prefabrication of building structures, facades (designed by the studio) and bathrooms, it was possible to inaugurate the center in 20 months, with energetic performances of relief hardly to reach with traditional building systems.

The harmony with the landscape

The Multifunctional Complex of Castiglione is an imposing structure that was in danger of take a significant visual impact on the environment. Through a careful preliminary study and the careful development of architectural and structural solutions ad hoc, it was possible to create elements that will blend in with the landscape that surrounds to the property. Should be noted that the coverage, like a cloak, is gently placed on the three building blocks to create a sleek and streamlined shape that recalls the soft lines of the surrounding hills.

The area outside the complex was planted to shadowing parking lots, made with grilled green slip. These devices allow you to get a comfortable outdoor environment on a visual level that integrates seamlessly with the territory.

Sustainability and energy saving

The entire structure is designed to achieve high energy efficiency class: on the roof, were installed 30 square meters of solar thermal panels for hot water heating, but not to disturb aesthetic level the complex.
The use of large windows also appropriately shadowed on the fronts to southern side, allows passive energy gains during the winter period and a reduction of energy demand during summer.

A specially crafted bath and hidden from sight is then used to rainwater collection.