A tent for Maghreb

A tent for Maghreb

Polyfunctional commercial Centre and Hotel in Maghreb

Master Plan


Arch. Massimo Rodighiero
Ing. Giovanni Rodighiero


A large tent, moved by the breeze of the sea and echoing the harmonious lines of the hinterland of north Africa.

This raises a new ‘place’, a new meeting point between tradition and innovation., capable of triggering opportunities of cultural, economic, and day life development.

Set on the seafront close to the airport, this new site of commerce and entertainment can stimulate further tertiaries  settlements, commercial and even residential events on the territory.

The long internal shopping arcade, illuminated by the rips in the sail cover, leads to the airport in a ‘gallery of the artisans’ and conclude to the north in a large square which overlooks the Mediterranean, opens to the city and provides the ‘access to public functions that develop on the upper floors, such as the restaurant, the hotel and SPA with swimming pools.

The hotel, especially, towering like a lighthouse with its 7 floors, makes itself a iconic sign of recognition of this ‘place’ for the observer from the town or the bypass.

This is the beating heart of a new area that may include a business center, a health center and a gynecological clinic, shops, a large car dealership with a warehouse, entertainment attractions such as a playground for young people and a party room, and density residential area.

Here, then, that the number and quality of the functions provided to the integrated shopping mall, which make that sense of ‘civitas’ often absent even more in the established urban centers, ensuring at the same time all the comforts required by mobility and contemporary lifestyle (covered areas and air conditioned, parking, gas station, auto parts etc.).