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Villa in Country Side

The sinuous historical hills of the Solferino and San Martino battle, the passion for vintage sports cars and Harley Davidson, are, with the desire to build and live in a sustainable way, the inspiration for architectural and technological choices of this one-family villa. The use of polystyrene loose cartridges (ICF) has made it possible to produce a highly thermally insulated, and with a fairly quality / price ratio. Structural simplification, rigorous spatial setting, correct orientation, use of bio-architecture compositional criteria, and high-quality components have allowed to minimize implants while providing maximum comfort. The expected energy mix (bio-mass plant with termo-camino, solar thermal and photovoltaic plant with heat pump) and low demand (class A + building) both in winter and summer guarantee maximum energy savings throughout the year round.
For the development of projects like this, the study has created a dedicated work team and services.

Architectural Design, Interior Design, Custom Furniture Design, Structural Engineering, Execution Planning, Construction Management


Architecture: Arch. Massimo Rodighiero
Interiors: Arch. Massimo Rodighiero
Custom Furniture: Arch. Massimo Rodighiero
Structures: Eng. Giovanni Rodighiero


Giuseppe Gradella