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Massive house I


The creation of a new residential building in Gussago, in the province of Brescia, has had energy saving as its theme, a topic that gathers great interest in the public opinion that is increasingly aware of ecological and economic aspects. All floors and outer walls of the two emerging levels are made of prefabricated panels made by Styl Comp, equipped with a ventilation circuit adequately insulated and isolated from the outside. This is an advanced pre-fabrication, of thermal break and reduced form, that facilitates handling and transportation in areas that are not easily accessible by truck, designed in close cooperation with the Rodighiero studio.
The modern and linear style of the building is characterized by the free patterns of the openings, that are reduced to a minimum and measured on the most favorable solar exposure and the creation of views towards the surrounding hillside. The architectural solutions employed are targeted to optimize the link between the surfaces of the heated casings and their volume, in order to reduce energy losses. Volumes “glimpse” into the sunlight, silhouetted against the surrounding landscape, creating overhangs and shades specifically designed to participate in the maximum energy efficiency, especially during the summer. The bioclimatic concept of the project was inspired by the desire to reproduce the model of the “House of Stone” which can then make the most of the thermal inertia to improve summer cooling without having to resort to the use of expensive air conditioning systems.


Architectural Design, Interior Design, Structural Engineering, Execution Planning, Construction Management


Arch. Massimo Rodighiero
Arch. Massimo Rodighiero and Arch. Roberto Gaeti
Eng. Giovanni Rodighiero


Andrea Martiradonna